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Global Warring and the Land of Zinj tells the story of the Downing family navigating through four world wars and great socio-economic-political developments during the twentieth century.

Global Warring and the Land of Zinj
The Persian name for the 2,000 mile shore line of tropical East Africa was Zinj, "the land of the Black People." The author's paternal grandfather, Lee Downing, entered Kenya, in 1901 as a pioneer missionary. Both he and his father were born there. So the title of the book suitably describes a native of Zinj navigating through global wars. The author's personal peace has been the deliberate adjustment of his life to his perception of the will of God. It has been a daring but exciting adventure.

The book will take you with the author on many of his travels, describe significant events, and try to show how they have influenced the author's peculiar weltanschauung (worldview).

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