About the Author

Glenn and Tweet Downing
Glenn Downing was born in Kenya, East Africa, the son of missionaries. In fact, his grandfather, Lee Downing, entered Kenya in 1902 as a pioneer with Africa Inland Mission. His father, Herbert Downing, headed Rift Valley Academy for some three decades.

Global Warring and the Land of Zinj tells the story of this family navigating through four world wars and great socio-economic-political developments during the twentieth century.

The author was a Marine Corps fighter pilot during the Cold War, including servcie in Vietnam. Later, he was a corporate pilot for an oil contractor in the Persian Gulf at the beginning of the present Islamofascist movement, which he calls World War IV. He concluded his 40 year flying career as an airline captain of USAirways.

His wife "Tweet" worked closely with him publishing this book. They have been married for 48 years, and have a son, two daughters, and eight grandchildren.

Glenn can be reached at glenn@landofzinj.com.