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This book was read aloud to my family in its entirety. It is an Odyssey, the story of one man's journey, documenting the exciting life awaiting anyone who chooses to follow God's plan for his life.

I received my M.A. in Philosophy in 1991. Needless to say, I have spent a great deal of time reading. "Global Warring and the Land of Zinj" is as powerful and gripping as any book I have read. The author created a sensation similar to riding a bicycle down the steep slopes of the gorgeous Oregon Coast, enjoying the great views, while waiting and wondering what lies behind the next slope, the next turn. Indeed, the story reads as well and as exciting as any great novel.

Yet in this book, a gift is revealed. One more precious than most novels could ever hope to convey. Glenn presents the prospect that every human being can come to know and discover God's plan for his personal life.

Most importantly, his story invites the reader to enter the world God has waiting for each one of us to embrace. And in so doing, experience ultimate reality.

~ Randall Leaf

Since I enjoy history, different cultures, various beliefs and lifestyles, Mr. Downing's book took me on an amazing adventure to one of the more remote places on earth. It explained how the Land Of Zinj and it's people have influenced the history of the world. Enchanting stories, told through the eyes of a boy, a very motivated young man, and a highly trained pilot, took me around the globe and through history. The author seems to have led a charmed life, but in reality hard work, determination, and dedication to goals instilled by his family, and the Holy Spirit guided the path recorded in this book. It is well footnoted and documented, providing the reader references for further inquiry.

~ Tom Davidson

I had the privilege of reading this book, chapter after chapter, as soon as they were completed. I could hardly wait for the next chapter to arrive by E-mail. Upon receiving the complete book, I re-read it. Often, the narrative was interrupted for a side trip of history, ancient or contemporary. Wow! I didn't know that. The author, upon being re-assigned to a Marine base in California, thought it would be wonderful to go home for Christmas----- Kijabe Kenya, East Africa. With only a month's leave and confident of God's permission---- hitch hiked (by air) from Texas to Nairobi. After spending two weeks with family, he had to hitch hike all the way back to Texas, recover his VW and drive to California before his leave was up. Now, that is adventure.

~ Charlie White

This well-written undertaking is a combination of memoir, travelogue, history, philosophy, and Christian worldview. Glenn Downing brings each place he visited in his life into three dimensions, describing not only the place, but its history and reason for existence. It is refreshing to read his loving tribute to his parents and grandparents who made him what he is today. Glenn's research is exhaustive and well-footnoted throughout. Five stars to this great hunter/warrior/airline pilot!

~ Joyce Porte

Glenn Downing's Global Warring and the Land of Zinj, is an exciting reminder to true believers that a life of real adventure is achieved by being "doers of the word, and not hearers only." Jesus said, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." This fascinating book recalls the genuine anecdotes of three generations who accurately heard God's voice and were doers of that word.

~ Bob Buck

Global Warring and the Land of Zinj is an important new book by Glenn H. Downing. Zinj, the Persian name for the eastern shore land of Africa, was home for three generations of the Downing family. The inland highlands provided a refuge from tropical diseases and an escape from oppressive equatorial heat. Their family history provides many examples of faith.

As a U.S. Marine fighter pilot, Mr. Downing served in Vietnam and traveled the world. He discusses knowledge and historical facts we never knew or have forgotten. He considers the present Islamic world conflict a possible blessing in disguise, which could fuel the broadest Christian revival in history. The power of God is at work in current events.

Enjoy the adventures!

~ Larry Nicholson

Global Warring and the Land of Zinj by Glenn Downing is history put in perspective from a man who lived it. Glenn's observations on the current U.S. Government, colonialism, Islam, and the Vietnam War are not only enlightening but right on point. I found the biblical history of Islam and the overwhelming importance of Judaism to be excellent. Glenn's summarization of the Vietnam War was perfect and succinct. An excellent read... with history and life lessons throughout. Thank you Glenn Downing, a man who has seen it all and kept it in perspective.

~ Jim Morrison

Glenn, Charlie White loaned me your book, Global Warring and the Land of Zinj. Especially interesting were the historical details I was unaware of. I was impressed by the book.

~ Ollie Olson